Weights are the main items in the game that were used for lifting. When you click/tap (depending on what device you use), it progressively increases and gains your muscle mass. You buy the next and better weights in the shop.

       NOTE :You can use an [[Auto Clicke


r]] for auto grinding or auto lifting(more info in page)                                                                        


Class 0 Weights

Price Gain
Pencil (Deafult) Free 1
Stick 15 2
Mouse 45 3
Water Bottle 90 5
Soccer Ball 187.5 7
Bottle 315 10
Textbook 600 16
Bucket 1.2K 24
Wood 2.15K 33
Guitar 3.475K 44
Dumbbell (VIP) 399 R$ 55
Chair 5.275K 62
Shopping Cart 8.375K 85
TV 12.75K 110
Bicycle 19.8K 140
Desk 29.25K 185
Bed 44.25K 280
Log 75.5K 370
Canoe 111K 555
Tire 208K 790
Refrigerator 355K 1.01K
Drum 1.212M 1.55K

Class 1 Weights

Name Price Gain
Fire Hydrant 2.325M 2.24K
Piano 4.025M 4.09K
Motorcycle 9.8M 6.3K
Safe 18.9M 8.45K
Flag 30.25M 10K
ATM 105M 16.1K

Class 2 Weights

Name Price Gain
RX-7 193.2M 25.2K
EVO 340M 36.3K
G-Wagon 570M 49.4K
Swat Van 887.5M 69.5K

Class 3 Weights

Name Price Gain
Tree 5.349B 95.59K
Container 8.175B 142.7K
Sailboat 13.4B 191.8K
Bus 19.67B 260.8K
Truck 29B 341K

Class 4 Weights

Name Price Gain
Windmill 212.5B 465K
Jet 310B 623K
Tank 442.5B 794K
Transport Helicopter 600B 1M

Class 5 Weights

Name Price Gain
Battleship 5.39T 1.31M
Spaceship 8.24T 1.7M
Speakers 12.19T 2.21M
Anchor 17.9T 2.88M
Old House 25.8T 3.74M

Class 6 Weights

Name Price Gain
Building 222T 4.86M
Toxic Tank 315T 6.32M
Rocket 444T 8.22M
Castle 621T 10.69M
Torpedo 925T 13.9M

Class 7 Weights

Name Price Gain
Signal Tower 8.55Qa 18M
Stone Altar 12.3Qa 23.39M
UFO 17.6Qa 30M
Ancient Place 24.89Qa 40M
Pyramid 38.29Qa 51.5M
Canyon Mt. (This weight is recommended to buy at class 8.) 471Qa 66M

Class 8 Weights

Name Price Gain
Canyon Mt. 471Qa 66M
Mountain 680Qa 88M
Volcano 1Qi 110M
Mt. Fuji 1.379Qi 150M
Meteor 2.06Qi 191M

Class 9 Weights

Name Price Gain
Moon 36.9Qi 250M
Mercury 55.5Qi 323M
Mars 84.4Qi 420M
Saturn 125Qi 550M
Jupiter 199Qi 718M

Class 10 Weights

Name Price Gain
Super Saturn 3.7Sx 1.77B
Sedna Bar 10.19Sx 4.15B
Sun 26.8Sx 9.99B

Class 11 Weights

Name Price Gain
Mini Galaxy 1.42Sp 23.89B
Earth Bar 3.71Sp 57B
Black Hole 9.55Sp 139B

Class 12 Weights

Name Price Gain
Four Dimensions 626Sp 329B
Sun Bar 1.59Oc 790B
Holy Star 4.049Oc 1.889T

Class 13 Weights

Name Price Gain
Meteoroids Ring 311Oc 4.55T
Meteor Bar 798.9Oc 11T
Water Sphere 2.02No 26.2T

Class 14 Weights

Name Price Gain
Super Meteorite 179No 62.9T
Cross Stars 455No 150T
Fiery Star 1.05Dc 362T

Class 15 Weights

Name Price Gain
Super Venus 115Dc 855T
Atomic Suns 278Dc 2.08Qa
Lightning Cube 705Dc 5Qa

Class 16 Weights

Name Price Gain
Atmosphere 81.09Ud 12Qa
5 Dimensions 202Ud 28.8Qa
Space Stone 499Ud 69.9Qa

Class 17 Weights

Name Price Gain
Universe 67.4Dd 166Qa
Mind Stone 171Dd 399Qa
Reality Stone 436Dd 955Qa

Class 18 Weights

Name Price Gain
Soul Stone 57.79Td 2.29Qi
Time Stone 154Td 5.5Qi
Power Stone 407Td 13.19Qi

Class 19 Weights

Name Price Gain
Cosmo Bar 82.2Qad 31.5Qi
Galaxy Bar 226Qad 75.5Qi
Universe Bar 1.08Qid 999Qi

Class 20 Weights

Name Price Gain
Sharkutiper 481Qid 2.549Sx
Giftune 1.348Sxd 6.15Sx
Aurora Wave 3.549Sxd 14.49Sx

Class 21 Weights

Name Price Gain
Eternity 452Sxd 35.5Sx
Cashensione 1.19Spd 75.5Sx
Past 2.86Spd 199Sx

Class 22 Weights

Name Price Gain
Future 383.9Spd 455Sx
Infection 933.9Spd 1.11Sp
Mutation 2.409Ocd 2.99Sp

Class 23 Weights

Name Price Gain
Godly 1st Class 342Ocd 6.66Sp
Godly 2nd Class 803Ocd 15.5Sp
Godly 3rd Class 1.96Nod 36.9Sp

Class 24 Weights

Name Price Gain
Godly 4th Class 279Nod 89.9Sp
Godly 5th Class 711Nod 232Sp
Godly 6th Class 1.909Vg 515Sp

Class 25 Weights

Name Price Gain
Godly 7th Class 221.9Vg 1.25Oc
Godly 8th Class 599Vg 2.99Oc
Godly 9th Class 1.55Uvg 10 OC
  1. STAge 26 - 27777

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